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Information and Communications Technology Symposium

March 9, 2017 a symposium on Information and Communnications Tecnology organized by Directorate for Information and Communications Technology Management (DICTM)  held  at the Multi-Purpose Center, Camp Crame Quezon City to discussed the issues of all PNP ICT Plans, Programs and Policies including its pertinent related laws. The symposium  was attended by PSSUPT MADID M PAITAO, Regional Chief Directorial Staff, PRO ARMM  and PO2 Hamsori T Andungan, IT PNCO.

PCSUPT RICARDO DC ZAPATA JR, DDICTM  formally opened the symposium by giving  an overview and informing the roles and functions of the DICTM .

The salient points of the resource speakers were as follows:

The PCI CHARLES M GARMA, DICTM introduced the PNP-ERPS(Enterprise Resource Planning System), the integration of all existing PNP systems into one single flatform system.

PCI JUANITO B GACES JR, DICTM discussed the revised guidlines and procedures  in certification of PNP Information System.

PCI ANTONIO D DELGADO, DICTM discussed the Information Assurance (IA) Policey  relating it to the recent Bangladesh Central Bank Hacking, COMELEC hacking incident and other ICT disruptions.

Atty. Reynaldo Flores of the National Privacy Commission emphasized the power of Data Privacy Act of 2012 in which he cited that posting of information of other person in social media is against the law such as the recent posting of a certain person of the recipients of Performance-Based Bonus(PBB)  in facebook.

Mr. Alberto B Salvador, Jr. of the Department of Information and Communications Technology(DICT) discussed Government ICT policies and the announcement of their plan to replicate the fiber-optic internet connection nationwide.

PSINSP MICHAEL V SELDA, Communications and Electronics Service(CES), showcased their  Mobile Advanced Command Post, a truck loaded with ICT gadgets and equipment catering national events such as the Pope Visit, National Election 2016, APEC  and the likes.

PSUPT JULIUS F MOJICA, Budget and Finance Officer, DICTM discussed the Medium-Term Information and Communication Technology Harmonization Initiative(MITHI). During his discussion, PSSUPT PAITAO raised the need for the detail of an IT Officer from ITMS/DICTM to this PRO.

PSUPT LYRA STELLA C VALERA, the Servicing Legal Officer of DICTM discussed the documents archiving policy including the electronic data of every agency.

Also lectures followed from private sectors such as the HUAWEI-Philippines proposing a GIS-like System, Indra Company for their social media analytics,and the NXP, the leading company for RFID technology.

PCSUPT ZAPATA JR, DDICTM , gave his closing remarks and guidance.



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