In the continuous fight against all forms of criminality, joint personnel of Radjah Buayan MPS (lead unit) together with 41st SAC, SAF, 42nd SAC, SAF and 43rd SAC SAF, PIU MDSPPO and 2nd PMFC, MDSPPO, RID PRO BAR, Isulan MPS and Shariff Saydona Mustapha MPS, in coordination with Datu Piang MPS, conducted intel-driven operation that resulted in the arrest of one suspect in Sultan Kudarat Provincial Hospital, Isulan, SK on May 6, 2023.

Radjah Buayan MPS disclosed that at about 6:30PM of the said date, while the suspect was undergoing medical treatment, intelligence reported that the suspect sensed the presence of the joint operating forces and attempted to leave the hospital premises, prompting police operatives to serve the arrest warrant to the accused.

The suspect was identified as Racma Dinggo Hassan or Halima Ebrahim a.k.a “RAKS”, 35-year-old, widow, currently residing at Brgy Sapakan, Rajah Buayan, Maguindanao Del Sur and with an outstanding warrant of arrest for Multiple Attempted Murder issued by Acting Presiding Judge, RTC Branch 13.

Accordingly, the suspect is the wife of late Norodin Hassan aka ‘Andot’, former ‘Emir’ of Dawlah Islamiya-Hassan Group (DI-HG) who was killed during an armed encounter with the government forces last 15 January 2022 at Brgy. Tunganon, Carmen, Cotabato. RAKS was utilized as the logistics, financial facilitator, and liaison officer of DI-HG covering the areas of Sultan sa Barongis, Shariff Saydona Mustapha, and entire Maguindanao del Sur province.

Further, the arrested suspect has been served with another arrest warrant for violation of RA 11479, also known as the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020, with no bail recommended, and is now in the custody of Rajah Buayan MPS for further processing and proper disposition.

PBGEN ALLAN CRUZ NOBLEZA, Regional Director, PRO BAR commended the operatives for this accomplishment. In accordance with the CPNP, PGEN BENJAMIN C ACORDA JR., Unified Police Service that outlines priorities, emphasizes transparency and unity, the PRO BAR will continue to work toward upholding the law against offenders through its intensified and relentless anti-criminality campaigns in order to maintain peace and order in the Bangsamoro region.