TAWI-TAWI – Three (3) drug personalities were arrested in a buy bust operation at Barangay Lamion, Bongao, Tawi-Tawi for peddling illegal drugs.

            Report from Tawi-Tawi Police Provincial Office to Police Brigadier General Eden Ugale, Regional Director of Police Regional Office of Bangsamoro Autonomous Region disclosed that at about 6:45 PM of May 27, 2021, joint personnel of Bongao Municipal Police Station and CIDG Tawi-Tawi conducted an Anti – Illegal Drug (Buy Bust) Operation which resulted to the arrest of suspects identified as Al-Mudzni Paraji Hajad, 25 years old, male, married; Hadiya Adawiya Manalo Knaik, 23 years old, female, both residents of Barangay Lamion; and Abubakar Arola Sabtal, 38 years old, male, married, residents of Barangay Poblacion, Bongao Tawi-Tawi. The three arrested suspects were known drug pushers in Bongao, Tawi-Tawi.

            Operatives recovered from suspect's possessions are: Eight (8) pieces of transparent plastic sachet containing a suspected shabu with estimated value of one hundred-eight thousand and eight hundred pesos (Php108,800.00); Four (4) pieces of transparent plastic straws containing white crystalline granules believed to be shabu estimated value of four thousand eighty pesos (Php4,080.00); One (1) piece of transparent plastic sachet containing white crystalline granules believed to be shabu worth Php1,700.00 as (Purchased item); One (1) piece of 500 peso paper bill; Drug money amounting to Php2,800.00 in different denominations; Two (2) Unit of Cellular phones (SAMSUNG and VIVO) color Blacks (touch screens); One (1) Unit of NOKIA Cellular phone color Black (Keypad); One (1) piece of Brown wallet; and other drugs paraphernalia.

            After documentation, inventory, and marking of evidence on the site of operation, the arrested suspects including the confiscated pieces of evidence were brought to Bongao Municipal Police Station for thorough investigation and proper disposition. The arrested suspects were properly informed of their constitutional rights in a dialect understood by them.

            PRO BAR Regional Director, Police BGen Ugale lauded the operating units and reiterates that PRO BAR is determined in eradicating illegal drugs in the Bangsamoro region. The relentless fight against illegal drugs of PRO BAR remains firm.

            PRO BAR assures the public that it will continue its fight against illegal drugs with intensified efforts to secure and protect the Bangsamoro region from the scourge of illegal drugs.