Lanao Del Sur – Government forces arrested alleged members of Dawlah Islamiyah - MG ISIS local terrorist group during a law enforcement operation in Pagayawan, Lanao Del Sur.

            The report from Police Colonel Rex O Derilo, Provincial Director, Lanao Del Sur Police Provincial Office disclosed that at about 3:45 AM of May 29, 2021, joint elements of PNP led by Police Colonel Derilo and AFP led by Brigadier General Jose Maria Cuerpo, Commanding Officer of 103rd BDE, PA, served the warrant of arrest for the crime of murder against leader of DI-MG ISIS identified as Faharudin H’ Satar also known as Abu Zacaria at Barangay Paigoay of the said municipality.

            During the operation, Abu Zacaria and his cohorts fired shots on the operating government troops which prompted the operating government forces to return fire. Abu Zacaria and his two cohorts, Alias Abu Khalifa and alias Abu Dimam, were able to elude and escape during the operation. Meanwhile, Nine (9) of Abu Zacarias' cohorts and suspected DI-MG ISIS members identified as: a. Camaroden L Tindug, 52 years old, married; b. Sabdullah S Sarip, 36 years old, make, married; c. Oter S Macaungun, 35 years old, male, married; d. Asnare S Alisood, 20 years old , male, single; e. Alisood B Dima, 52 years old, male, married; f. Sowaib S Abdullah, 18 years old, male, married; g. Saaduden S Adapun, 30 years old, male, married; h. Zaenal A Abdulatip, 33 years old, male, married; and i. Aleem Salih B Pitiilan, 45 years old, male, married--- all residents of Barangay Paigoay, Pagayawan, Lanao Del Sur were arrested during the operation for aiding Abu Zacarias' and fighting the government troops.

            The operating units recovered pieces of evidence from the nine arrested suspects were:

a. One (1) Carbine b. Two (2) M16 rifle c. Three (3) M16 magazine assembly with live ammunition d. Two (2) cal 45 w/ no SN, with magazine loaded with live ammos e. Two (2) Base Radios f. Six (6) portable radios g. Six (6) touch screen cellphones h. Seven (7) keypad cellphones i. One (1) laptop j. Two (2) USB k. One (1) IED (1 and ¾ kgs) l.One (1) cal 45 fired cartridge m. One (1) cal 45 slug n. Wallets and money amounting to Php 1,900.00 o. Record book indicating finances and personalities p. Sketches of suspected plans of atrocities q. Identifications cards, documents and other subversive materials of high intel and evidentiary value.

            Arrested suspects and pieces of evidence recovered were brought to Provincial Headquarters of Lanao Del Sur PPO for proper documentation, investigation, and disposition. Suspects were properly informed of their constitutional rights in a dialect known to them.

            Police Colonel Derilo said that this law enforcement operation was successfully conducted through the support of public by providing relevant information to the government authorities.

            Meanwhile, Police Brigadier General Eden T Ugale, Regional Director, PRO BAR lauded the operating units. He further reiterates that Bangsamoro police force with the Armed Forces of the Philippines is on top of eliminating terrorism and criminalities in the province of Lanao Del Sur.