Basilan - Saturday, June 5, 2021, a top priority target of PRO BAR and an alleged Local Terrorist Group member/ Bomb maker AROY ITTOT a.k.a. OROY was neutralized at Barangay Languyan, Hadji. Mohammad Ajul, Basilan.

       An Intelligence Driven Operation was conducted by joint operatives of PRO BAR through Serving of Warrant of Arrest for AKA Oroy for the crime of Murder docketed under Criminal Case Number 4059-695 issued by Hon. Leo Jay Prinsipe, Presiding Judge, RTC 9th Judicial Region, Branch 1, Isabela City, Basilan. This resulted in the neutralization of the said suspect after the operating troops retaliated to AKA Oroy, who fired upon the arresting team using his M16 rifle.

       Recovered items from the suspect were the following: One Unit M16 Rifle; One Unit M14 Rifle; Four (4) Magazine of M16 Rifle; Five (5) M14 Magazine; Four (4) Grenade Rifle M76; Three (3) Grenade Rifle M75; 1.5 Liters ANFO believed to be IED Components; One (1) M16 empty shell; Two (2) Bandoliers; and Two (2) cellphones.

       Oroy was also believed to have an involvement in a roadside bombing that transpired at Tuburan, Basilan sometime in 2017.

       PRO BAR, under the leadership of PBGEN Eden T Ugale, Regional Director, is sustaining its programs in operations to keep the communities safer by deploying more uniformed personnel to carry out focused police operations. PBGEN Ugale assures the public that Police Presence will be intensified and the establishment of checkpoints will continue to assure the law-abiding citizens of their safety.