The established cooperation and participation of the Bangsamoro Community in fighting criminalities in the region resulted in the safe conduct of suspected IED disposal after a Brgy. Chairman reported to authorities.

           Brgy. Chairman Pena T. Maulani of Brgy. Limbocandis, Sumisip, Basilan on Sunday morning, informed Sumisip MPS regarding a suspected IED placed in the middle of an under-construction road along the National Highway in the vicinity of Brgy. Limbocandis, Sumisip, Basilan.

          Upon arrival, the elements of Sumisip MPS were welcomed by the barangay officials, the same officials who initially cordoned the said area for basic precautionary measures.

      Subsequently, the personnel of Sumisip MPS coordinated to Basilan EOD Canine and the AFP for assistance. Hence, the joint Personnel of PECU, 1st PMFC, Sumisip MPS, 39th EODT, 101 Brigade, 64 IB, PA were abruptly arranged and proceeded to the area.

         The EOD Technician of Basilan PECU and 39th EODT successfully conducted the Render Safe Procedure (RSP) on the said suspected IED and around 12:30 PM of the same date, the suspected IED was rendered safe through special charges disruption.

         Said recovered IED components are now under the custody of PECU for further technical examination.

        Further, EOD team recovered the following IED components, to wit; a. Trip Wire (Switch) b. One (1) pc. 9 volts Eveready battery (power) c. One (1) pc. improvised blasting cap (initiator) d. More or less three (3) liters round gallon white (container) e. Suspected Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil - ANFO (explosive) f. More or less two (2) meters motorcycle roller chain g. More or less three (3) feet chainsaw roller chain (enhancement).

        PBGEN Eden T Ugale, RD, PRO BAR extolls this exemplary display of harmony, trust, and coordination of the community, PNP and AFP. He also added that this instance positively translates to PRO BAR's genuine engagements with the community to make a strong foundation of partnership and shared trust that equals to the reduction of criminal activities and a very strong solution to prevent crimes. He also commends the exemplary display of efficiency of the troops especially the Basilan EOD team for the immediate action they rendered.