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Online Recruitment Application Program

How to Apply on Online Recruitment:
1.    You need a functional e-mail address and an authenticated scanned soft copy of the following:
        a.    2X2 Colored Picture with name Tag;
        b.    TOR/DIPLOMA; and
        c.    Eligibility.
2.    Key-in on the address bar of your browser;
3.    Fill up all the fields in the application form and upload the required attachments;
4.    All approved applicants based on assessment of recruitment officers will be advised to report for initial interview through message and shall bring the following ORIGINAL documents;
       a.    NSO Birth Certificate;
       b.    Two (2) valid ID with picture;
       c.    Certificate of Eligibilities;
       d.    Transcript of Records, Diploma and Special Order; and
       e.    Printed approved on-line application form.
1.    Strictly no more walk-in applications;
2.    This will be implemented NATIONWIDE;
3.    We will post days before the opening of ORAS(Online Recruitment Application System). Please wait patiently.
4.    Submission of falsified documents is punishable by Art. 172 of Revised Penal Code; and
5.    Dishonesty is a ground for permanent disqualification.
        For other inquiries and concerns;
        CALL US:              09124757693
               VISIT:               Nearest Municipal/Provincial Police Office and Recruitment and Selection Section of PRO ARMM.

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