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D. Investigation Services                                                                                                              

1.            Case Investigation and Management                                                                                     

                a.            Strengthening Case Evidence and Case Filing                                                                     

                                1.            Administer Scientific Investigation/Forensic Sciences                                                     

2.            Conduct  Preliminary & Follow-up Investigation & Pre-Charge  Evaluation and Investigation                                                         

                                3.            Pre-Charge Evaluation and Investigation                                                              

                                4.            Ensure attendance of police investigators to court duties                                             

                                                a.            Regional Level                                  

                                                b.            Provincial Level                                

                                                c.             Station Level                                     

                                5.            Service of Warrant of Arrest                                                      

                                6.            Arrest of Wanted Person                                                            

                                7.            Arrest of Most Wanted Person                                                 

                                8.            Laisoning with other Pillars of Criminal Justice System                                                    

                                9.            Strengthening of Scene of the Crime Operation                                                               

                                10.          Ensure attendance/ transport of detainee                                                          

                                11.          Conduct investigation of Heinous Crimes                                                             

                                12.          Conduct investigation of Violation of Special Laws                                                           

                                13.          Conduct investigation on Organized Crime Groups                                                          

                                14.          Conduct investigation on Loose Firearms & Private Armed Groups                          

                                15.          Conduct investigation on Illegal Gambling                                                            

                                16.          Conduct investigation on Other Crimes                                                 

                b.            Intensification of Task Force USIG                                                                           

                                1.            Investigate Killings of Militants and Mediamen and foreigners                                   

                                2.            Coordinate with various counterpart/law enforcement agencies                                                              

                c.             Enhancement of Investigation on Professional Squatters and Squatting Syndicate           

                                1.            Supervise Operation Against Informal Settlers                                                  

                                2.            Conduct/attend Community Forum                                                       

                d.            Enhancement of Investigation of cases involving women and children                                   

                                1.            Conduct Rescue Operations and Extend Special Protection to Victims                    

2.            Administer Mediation and Perform Initial Counseling Between Parties on Domestic Violence Cases                                                        

3.            Maintain Closer Partnership and Liasoning w/ IACAT, IACVAWC, IACAP, UN Agencies and other Stakeholders                                                    

                e.            Heighten Legal Offensive over ISO-related  incidents                                                                     

                                1.            Execute Filing of Cases Against High Value Targets                                                           

                                2.            Evaluate Case Profile Perpetrated by Terrorist                                                  

                                3.            Administer COLA Coordination                                                 

                                                a. Conduct COLA Coordination                                  

                f.             Institutionalization of Human Rights' Desk                                                                           

                                1.            Initiate Advocacy Forum                                                              

                                                a. Attend Advocacy Forum                                         

                                2.            Manage Inter-Agency Coordination                                                       

                                                a.  Conduct Inter-Agency Coordination                                 

                g.            Capacity Enhancement of WCPD Officers Regionwide                                                                    

                h.            Capacity Enhancement of PNP Investigators Regionwide                                                                             

                i.              Initiate Community Advocacy Campaign to combat TIP/CICL/CAAC/ VAWC                            

2. Case Monitoring Program                                                                                                       

                a.            Intensification of Case Tracking System                                                                

                                1.            Monitoring on the Investigation of Heinous Crimes                                                         

                                2.            Monitoring on the Investigation of Other Crimes                                                             

                                3.            Monitoring on the Investigation of Violation of Special Laws                                       

                b.            Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)                                                                       

                                1.            Manage Recording of Standard and Latent Fingerprint                                                  

                                2.            Monitor the degree of compliance of LOI 02/11 by the PPOs                                      

3.            Research and Analysis Program                                                                                

                a.            Implementation of National Crime Reporting System (NCRS)                                                     

                                1.            Administer the distribution of NCRS Forms                                                         

                                2.            Conduct Audit of Submitted NCRS Forms                                                             

                b.            Institutionalization of           E-blotter System                                                                       

                                1.            Implementation of E-Rouges and E-Warrant System                                                      

                                2.            Attend Seminars                                                             

                                3.            Conduct validations on the Implementation of  E-Projects Regionwide                  

                c.             Enhancement of Unit Crime Periodic Report (UCPER)                                                                    

                                1.            Adminster preparation of UCPER                                                             

2.            Conduct regional periodic validation of UCPER and monitoring the compliance of PPOs                                                  

                d.            Institutionalization of Crime Information  Reporting System (CIRS)                                          

                                1.            Conduct of Seminar on CIRS                                                       

                                2.            Administer the distribution of CIRS Forms                                                           

                                3.            Conduct Validation and Audit of accomplished CIRS Forms                                          

                                4.            Capacity Enhancement of Crime Registrars at PPOs/CPSs/MPSs                                

                e.            Conduct of Crime Research and Analysis                                                                              

                                1.            Analyze incidents per crime, per locality and per population                                       

                                2.            Analyze crime groups and other crime committed by other Threat Groups          

                                3.            Preparation of Crime Analysis Report                                                    

                f.             Conduct of RIDMD Family Conference                                                                  

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